Financing Solutions

Change the way you think about procurement.

Changes in both the economy and technology have given way to a new way for companies not to have to own their technology but rather lease it.

Our standard range of products include:

  • Operating lease / rental
  • Hire and service agreements.
  • Short term project finance.
  • Interim advance agreement for transactions requireing deposits by the supplier of the goods.
  • Insurance.
  • We are able to provide a 24 hour turnaround time on applications.

    Changing to an opex model is more than an accounting manoeuvre, it brings a fundamental change in the way technology based goods are procured and financed.
    Who owns the technology and how it is financed; - with Capex you own the asset. With Opex, someone else owns the technology and you pay to use it.
    By getting long term technology costs woven into annual opex budget, they become positioned alongside other core costs of sale.

    Flexible finance solutions for your business

    Paul Getty, one of the worlds richest men said; "If it appreciates, buy it, if it depreciates, lease it"

    • Flexible terms and structures for 12 to 60 months.
    • Escalations to meet your cash flow requirements..
    • In certain circumstances we are willing to finance intangibles such as implementation, software, and training with out a hardware component.
    • Fully comprehensive insurance offered.
    • Obtain equipment now without outlaying capital.
    • Avoid residual capital risks associated with disposal of assets.
    • Assists in more accurate budgeting and forecasting.