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Our Approach

Netlayer Onboarding Process
Discover how your IT environmnet directly impacts your business through our detailed analysis.
Improve your current IT system and increase productivity with a "game plan" we provide. By consolidating services, such as connectivity, telephony and network design we improve on overall solution costs.
Minimise risk, reduce costs and optimise data security with our backup and recovery solutions.
Everything from maintenance to monitoring and problem remediation. Ensuring server, desktop, network and application performance.

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IT Support Options

IT Department Outsourcing

Do you need your own in house IT department? In most cases we find that business owners that have their own in house IT staff find it difficult to manage, as it’s a department they dont quite fully understand. The IT person is [often] the only person not directly related to the bottom line. Many times this creates a difficult situation, when a tech person is not in a tech company, It's not the best place for a tech person to be. Allow us to help you establish your own IT department and manage it all together.


- Dedicated IT Manager at your offices.
- Reduced HR responsibilities.
- Dedicated Account Manager.

Total Care - Unlimited Remote\Limited On-Site Support

This package is ideal for a client that wants a set monthly fee for unlimited remote support. This means no surprise monthly fees and complete management of your technical environment.

How does it work?

We load our “agents” on the devices that require maintenance. These agents then allow us to work on the devices remotely. We provide a customised schedule of maintenance that will be done hourly/weekly and monthly. This means your network it kept running optimally preventing most unforeseen crashes and issues. Further to this any IT related query is dealt with by our office, be it you can’t connect to the printer or your applications are crashing. We will be there to assist.


- Get a monthly health report on your network Use reporting to assist with budget planning for new hardware and upgrades.
- Get access to a team of knowledgable consultants Guaranteed resource availability.
- Less HR involvement as staff are employed by us.
- Know what your monthly IT expenses are.

Special Terms

- Limited to four site visits per month.
- Excludes new projects.
- Excludes new user setup.
- Excludes hardware.


- Add cloud backups.