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Business Fibre

Get your Next Gen Broadband Internet Connection

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Achieve unmatched endpoint threat prevention. Intercept X uses deep learning, an advanced form of machine learning to detect both
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color-blur Malware • Ransomware • Exploits • Viruses

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5 reasons fixed-fee IT helps:

fixed fee it support with ransomware protection

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Internet for Business


NETLAYER owns and maintains its own ISP infrastructure, which ensures that outages can be dealt with swiftly.

Free Router
Unlimited Data

Telecomsfor Business


Reduced call rates, stable jitter free calling.

Reduced Call Rates

IT Supportfor Business

Managed IT Support

Ransomeware, Desktop Support, AWS, Azure, Office365, someone needs to make sense of all the complexities involved here, click on “read more” to see how we can assist.

Fixed fee per device

App Developmentfor Business

App Development

Building an application or website is a journey, click on “read more” to see how this journey unfolds.

Colocation Hostingfor Business

Colocation Hosting

Cloud hosting is not for everyone, host your server or Disaster Recover Environment at our secure ISP in a cost effective manner.

1U & 2U options
Secure Hosting
Private. Secure. Super Fast

Next Gen 
Fibre Internet

We make use of the below providers in order to provide you with blazing fast internet services.

Next Gen 

With the lack of skilled technical resources in South Africa your monthly IT expenditure can be costly, but with our  fixed fee per device support offering your IT needs are covered, including your pocket. See below how…

Unlimited IT Support with Anti-Virus & Ransomware Protection

Useful FAQ’s

Traditionally ISP’s would have taken care of Internet, Telecoms companies would have dealt with phones and Managed Service Providers would have dealt with managing Servers, Desktops and Cloud solutions. This created a lot of frustration with clients as they would have to deal with more than one service provider. As we manage all services under one brand we feel we are the Next Generation of MSP to develop from MSP’s also managing their own ISP and VoIP networks.

Back in the days Telkom owned all the copper (ADSL) in the country, and every client would have rented the ADSL lines directly with telkom making the support process more difficult for ISP to resolve, with ISP’s now having access to lease fibre directly there is no need for clients to engage with tier 1 fibre providers making the delivery of services easier for ISP and also the support.

Sure we can, besides for Fibre services, we also do VoIP, IT Support and Application Development, which allows us supply the full range of services to clients which ensures you only need to deal with one service provider a

This is a topic which we feel strongly about, ADSL is old not reliable, meaning your phone call won’t be reliable, its also a connectivity medium that is being decommissioned by Telkom, 

Netlayer started as an MSP (Managed IT Services Provider) and as time went by we identified the need for an MSP to also supply ISP services. We refer to ourselves as the next gen MSP as we feel the ISP realm will be including IT Support services into their service offerings and visa versa.

Yes you can, we are able to port all numbers accept 086 numbers.

As far as licensing goes, all you need is to add Microsoft Phone System licenses as add-on licenses to your Office365 Business Basic, Standard, Premium, E1 or E3 licenses, E5 licenses includes this add-on already

Web and Application development is hard and time consuming.

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Getting started with voip

It is increasingly simple to get started with VoIP. Most businesses and home users already have some form of internet connection, which is the most

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Make affordable voice calls from only R30.00 per month

Use your existing Internet connection to make affordable voice calls to any telephone number in the world. Plus, all calls to other NETLAYER VoIP numbers are absolutely FREE!

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    I have always received outstanding service from NETLAYER and am always impressed with the service delivery I have received over the years !!!!!
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    Consolidating our services with Netlayer allowed us to have less back and forth calls to various support providers when we had an outage.
    Anja Fourie