Telephony Solutions

Hosted PBX

You will never need to purchase a PBX again! From small start-ups to growing companies, Netlayer has a scalable hosted PBX solution that is customisable to individual company's needs.


- Average savings after costs range between 25% - 55%
- Cancel unused Telkom lines saving you line rentals
- Port inbound numbers and cancel all Telkom line charges
- Minimal capital outlay
- High call quality


- Free remote upgrades
- Grows with you – unlimited scalability gives you the freedom to extend or reduce the number of users
- 3 phase network failover system ensures reliability and uptime
- Extensive range of features
- Range of IP phones able to cater to your needs
- None of the risks that come with on-site equipment such as lightning strikes
- Already have an existing PABX? Most PABX's can be made VOIP capable and in the event where it can't an additional VOIP gateway can be installed on your network which will allow your existing PABX to utilise the benets of VOIP.

Benefits of VOIP Integration:

- Reduces call rates
- Number portability
- Free inter branch calls
- Automatic Failover


- Consolidate your entire internet connectivity solution to allow for redundancy, ensuring a stable network.

Call Centre Solution

Our SaaS (Software as a Service) solution offers high-demand features in a flat-cost structure, managed on a per-user basis for up to two thousand employees. Unlike competing products, we don’t segregate top features as costly bolt-ons: Netlayers Contact Centre includes dialers, voice recording, data storage, wall boards, campaign management advanced reporting and more, all arranged along flat per-user pricing.


- A complete hosted enterprise-grade solution.
- Customise the service to your campaigns and manage the results in real time.
- Features include auto dialers, wall boards, voice recording, advanced reporting, interactive voice response and queue management.
- No hidden cost for feature add on’s or administrative services.

Video Conferencing

Attend meetings in person, Virtually. Netlayer connects your orginization with award winning conferencing technology that includes web, audio and video conferencing. Through integrations of cameras, phones and cloud based conferencing software we deliver a unique meeting experience.


- Reduced travel risk
- Reduced unproductive travel time
- Prevented meeting delays
- Shorter meetings
- Structured meetings
- Optimize attendance
- Immediate information exchange

Voice Recording

Our voice recording is a basic customer call recording service. All recordings are accessible on the Customer Portal on our website and are stored for 30 days.


- Have access to phone calls for 30 days.
- Offsite storage.


- Upgrade to our POPI complaint voice recordings, that are encrypted and saved for a period of 5 Years

Auto Dialer

Announcements, debt collection, marketing and more can be delivered through recorded messages in multiple languages. The Auto Dialer can respond to cues from customers, instantly routing them to the appropriate agent. A tool for maintaining contact databases, removing dead numbers, and can be integrated with CRM or contact centre environment. Managers can keep their fingers on the pulse of campaigns through a suite of web portal management tools, giving real time access of performance metrics.


- Engage customers more directly for higher conversion rates.
- Track and manage campaigns in real-time with accessible and intuitive portals.
- Deliver marketing, announcement, debt collection, survey and many other campaigns.
- Integrate our Auto Dialer with any existing contact centre or CRM environment.
- Seamlessly initiate two-way communications with agents through voice and dial recognition systems.

Number Porting

Want to keep your number for life, then port it to our network. We can port any geographical number.


- No need to change business cards and letterheads.
- Dont lose business as your number has changed.